Press Pages

ALMA detections in LAB - ALMA Uncovers Secrets of Giant Space Blob

Geach, et al (2016), ApJ in press, ,

Uncovery of two (or three) sub-mm sources within SSA22-LAB1. August 2016.

LARS - the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample

Hayes, et al (2013), ApJ, 765, 27

Extended Lyman alpha haloes produced at low dust content. March 2013.

LAB polarization - Central powering of largest Lyman-alpha nebula is revealed by polarized radiation.

Hayes, Scarlata, & Siana (2011), Nature, 476, 304

The first detection of polarized Ly-alpha radiation. August 2011.

DoubleBlind - Escape of about five per cent of Lyman-Alpha photons from high-redshift star-forming galaxies

Hayes et al. (2010), Nature, 464, 562

The first z=2 Hα and Lyα emitter paper. March 2010.