Data Distributions

COS Legacy Archive Spectroscopic SurveY (CLASSY).

Reduced coadded ultraviolet spectra of starburst galaxies.

Berg, MH, et al. (2022), ApJS, 261, 31

HST Lyman-alpha images of z≈0 starburst galaxies.

Reduced and continuum-subtracted Lyman-alpha and H-alpha images from HST.

Östlin, MH, et al. (2009), AJ, 138, 923; Hayes et al. (2009), AJ, 138, 911

Polarization of Lyman-alpha Blob LAB1.

VLT images in polarimetry mode of LAB-1. Reduced frames (binned and unbinned), both polarized beams at 4 rotator angles, polarization maps, etc...

Hayes, Scarlata, & Siana (2011), Nature, 18 August 2011

Lyman-alpha radiation transport model grid.

Transfer models for the interpretation of distant galaxies -- Table 2. Includes b, τa, log(NHI), Vshell, FWHM(Lyα), fesc(Lyα), fesc(UV), EWabs.

Mirrored from Daniel Schaerer's models page.

Schaerer, MH, et al. (2011), A&A, 531, 12


Intrinsic and observed Lyα luminosity functions, fesc(Lyα) vs. E(B-V) data-points.

Hayes et al. (2010), Nature, 464, 562

Evolution of Lyα escape fraction.

Contains updated data points in Lyα escape fraction.

Hayes et al. (2011), ApJ, 730, 8